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AIM Chapter Hosts its first Virtual Meeting on Dec 17, 2021

On December 17th, the first Virtual Group Meeting of the AIM India Chapter was held. Attendees included Mr. Sanjive Mehta, who volunteered to be in charge of initial expenses for setting up the chapter and also offered his services to FICCI and IIT-Delhi for furtherance on behalf with AIM India activities. Mr. Sameer Parekh also agreed to talk about promoting AIM products with Minister of Commerce, Shri Piyush Aggarwal.

The benefits of being a member of an international body were emphasized. The attendees decided to move forward and promote AIDC in India across sectors by copying the experience of AIM Global and replicating them in India with the help of the industrial community and the Government Of India. Starting diploma programs from the AIDC Technologies Association of India was also discussed. Let’s all work together for the growth of AIDC Technologies Association of India in the year 2022!