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An Executive Committee meeting of the AIDC Technologies Association of India was held on Monday, March 7 2022 from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm at New Delhi.

Mr. S Prabhakar, President of the Association welcomed all the Executive Committee Members to the meeting.

 All the members agreed to strengthen and give momentum to the membership drive.

Mr. Sanjive Mehta showed the website that has been made and updated by Digital Innodrive.

The details of the places where the Annual AIDC Summit can be held were discussed, responsibility delegated to members to find details of the possible venues where the summit can take place. The members of the executive committee agreed to form a core committee for the summit.

It was decided that the next seminar on RFID will be held in Bangalore and IT and Automation companies will be invited as guests to the seminar.

Ms. Geera Vyas, Sundata Processing Pvt Ltd will be officially inducted into the Executive Committee of the association.