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IEEE Organized 11 th International Conference on RFID Technology

The 11th IEEE International Conference on RFID Technology and Application was organized by the IEEE. Representatives of member companies from AIDC Technologies Association of India participated in a webinar explaining their interest in exploring unresearched paths using RFIDs.

The conference for Indian Companies was held place on October 7, 2021 at 12:30PM-1:30PM MDT (UTC+5:00).

Lieutenant General Anil Kapoor, Professor and HoI (Head Of Institution) AMITY University Noida chaired the session. Mr. A S Shekhawat, past president of AIDC Technologies Association of India, gave an introduction to his association as well as about the use of wireless identification technology called RFIDs.

Mr. Nainan Kurien from Technowave group gave a presentation on the uses of RFIDs with regards to retail business data traceability systems which are used mainly for location purposes or asset tagging applications including contactless payments cards etc. Mr. Sameer Vora spoke about truck traceability emphasising that it is important if truck drivers have heavy traffic interchanges involving highways sometimes, they might not know where they are coming back. So, this system helps them identify their position accurately through GPS locating techniques but delays can happen because of RFID tracking tags.