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Track, Trace and Manage Business Assets with Fixed Asset Management System

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Track & Trace System

Welcome to the era of wireless tracking. AIDC Track and Trace Solutions delivers machine enabled efficiency in running operations minimizing human errors. Track and Trace employees, goods all with just a click of a button.


Automation Scanning System

AIDC Automation Scanning Solution is an essential solution for the digitization of business documents smoothly under the control of scanning specific workflow.


Asset Management System

You have built an organization with multiple quantified and non-quantified assets. AIDC Fixed Asset Management System makes all your assets accounted for with multiple added features.


Warehouse Management System

AIDC Warehouse Management System is a software specially designed to support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution from central management.


File Tracking System

AIDC File Management System is your one answer for hassle-free file management. Save your teams time in organizing files with automated intelligence giving you the required file location with a click of a button.